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Let the season begin…


HN Studio 2018

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We are looking forward to the new year and the brushes are flying…

A new blog post for a new year

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This is the time of the year to update blog posts and so I’m signing in to do just that.

Happy shoveling to all.


Seasons Greetings

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From the studio…

Happy Birthday …

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to Herself !!!


This weekend we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the birth of this wonderful lady. There will be much partying and dancing and laughing and hugging and storytelling and more dancing. But then that pretty much describes every day with Miss Pat. Her spirit and spunk and giant heart are stronger for her 70 years of living but the smile behind those eyes still sparkles with youthful exuberance.

She makes every part of every day better and I am going to have to hold on tight as she leaps forward into this next decade.

You’ve got all my heart babe, consider yourself loved and

Happy Birthday !

The Circus is in Town…

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The painting that keeps reminding me what a small world this is…

As I mentioned in a blog post way back in January of 2011, many members of the original Circus Kirk have contacted me after learning of this painting to share stories of their time in that circus, indeed on that very truck.

This week two more people wrote asking about the availability of prints, Ellie who went on to be a teacher and photographer and remembers the “hectic” schedule traveling with the circus, and Terry who actually painted the name on this very truck.

I wanted to update the information here that yes, the original of this painting has sold and YES, I do have prints available. They are discounted for Circus Alumnae and are $125 – printed on archival paper that is 17″ x 22″ and shipping is FREE.  Please send a check or money order to my address (listed on the contact page of the website) and include the address to which it should be sent and off it will go.

Long may the circus live !

You’ve been Upgraded !

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Our brilliant tech wiz, Ross Ritchey,  has been hard at work upgrading the website. Most of the changes are happening in the background but what you blog readers will want to know is that we have added the HN Studio Blog directly to my website.

New posts, new paintings, new prints and up to the minute exhibition details will all be together under one cozy studio umbrella.

And… there will be one less “click” in your digital worlds…

So bookmark the link above’

stay in touch,

and stay frosty out there !