Welcome !

Welcome ! With a nudge from Peter and a shove from Dov…I am now one with the way of the blog. Once I get the hang of it I plan to post musings from the studio, let readers follow paintings in progress, post art related information, pass along feedback from the website viewers and patrons, and along the way … open windows on this bright new world !   Stay tuned, HN

PS- I’ve just had the first ever siting of an Indigo Bunting in our yard !!!! Lunching on the mulberries just outside the studio window. Now that’s a harbinger worthy of this new beginning.


~ by hnartisan on June 26, 2008.

8 Responses to “Welcome !”

  1. Yeah Heather! I’m so psyched to have the ability to follow you this way. Post often PLEASE!

  2. HN
    this scene is made for you. yours will be a blog worth reading. Boy, once you decided to take the plunge, you took it –

    an indigo bunting- that’s a good ‘un…
    sock it to ’em

  3. Heather,

    Way too technologically advanced for me but I’ll give it this chance! Your web site is spectacular. Think I might be seeing you this Sunday. LP

  4. We’re having fun now kids !

  5. This is impressive! Never been on a blog and so glad yours is my first exposure! Love all that you are creating.

  6. Firts posting ever…you CAN teach a old dog…

  7. I, too, have never been near blog of any sort. not sure if I am near I am any closer to a blog now. just want to send my heart strings and repeating my awe and joy in pleasuring the gifts you give in your expressions of you…. L

  8. Thanks for including me! It’s fun to get a feeling for your friends, too. Looking forward to many more sessions–and to a review of all the new work. Love to Pat as well.

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