Little Pilgrims

31 July

One of the best parts of this life is watching the Follansbee twins grow. They are two and then some now and learning the world around them at lightening speed. And learnin’ their parents as well. They, the adults, work at Plimoth Plantation and, as you may have read in other entries on this blog,                  Peter is the chief woodworker (his blog is a fascinating series of hands on lectures about 17th century joinery…  )                                                                                    and Maureen is the curator of the Reproductions Collections and one of our favorite humans..    (Here is a link to an article she wrote for the museum )

Anyway, their other day job is following Rose and Daniel around as they explore the planet. I just can’t get enough of their smiles and giggles and little sneakers. We stopped on our way home from the Vineyard last week to see them and here are some of the pics… I can still feel their soft tiny hands in mine.


~ by hnartisan on July 31, 2008.

One Response to “Little Pilgrims”

  1. So that little thing was a camera? I didn’t know…
    glad you made it home safely. Always too short a visit, either here or there…so let’s look at calendars…
    Otherwise, see you in the blog-o-sphere. Now, get back to work.

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