Where’s YOUR hat been lately ?

26 August

Every window and door is open to the coolest air of the season… delicious.

Spent yesterday trolling the internet researching feng shui for a new series of paintings. Moved some things around in the studio according to the bagua map. Polly’s purple pumps now adorn the kitchen and the bathroom got a makeover including putting the toilet seat down so that our money isn’t tempted to flow out. Even cleared away the props from the front door, which I never use, to allow the good chi to move through the studio. Feels better already.

The balancing act continues today as I dust off some of Aunt Imy’s teacups to see what stories they have for me to paint next. But before I get to the easel, it’s time to introduce a new category for this bloggy thing…


And here’s the first installment… from my dear friend Saren who was recently on a well earned girls only vacation in Cape May. She took along her well earned Patron hat…and it did some travelin’…

Way to go gals…

and this just in… Tally gets in on the fun

And now….

Get that hat out there and let’s see where YOU have been…

Next up: The Cruisers, Ted and Chris,  looking dapper as ever…weigh in from that swinging hot spot…the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Grab some lobstah in Menemsha for us boys !


~ by hnartisan on August 26, 2008.

One Response to “Where’s YOUR hat been lately ?”

  1. Here’s Mine – http://home.nc.rr.com/dcohn/hat.jpg

    OK, my photoshop skills ain’t like yours, but that may be as close as I come to a HN patron hat!

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