Home away from home…and back again.

17 October

Well it’s finally been a quiet week along the banks of the Little Conewago Creek.

We have a carpet of crispy leaves on the lane and a gentle breeze last night brought in some more seasonal weather so the morning air is just as crisp…and we have weeks of memories to unpack from our annual MV fall trip. My intention was to send up a nice long post about all the goings on and the adventures we had…but since my return to the studio my focus has been fiercely on painting again and I don’t want to take the time away from the easel…soooo

I’ll just put up some photos of highlights…we spent more energy this year on people which was as fulfulling as it was exhausting for this hermit of an artiste…Noteably absent are pictures from the MV Museum fundraising dinner at the Granary where Vineyard artists were invited to a progressive dinner to meet and talk with patrons. It was a wonderful evening of fine food and conversation and we enjoyed our time with both old and new friends.

Also not photographed… but none the less adventurous…

Our first night with The Good’s in Ct and some warm family time…and on island…we had debate watching parties and art night dinners and gallery visits and lots of lunches with our friend Ted and reunions with room-mates and bluff-mates, some sunny walks on the beach and rainy days of reading and knitting and lobsters and clams and wine with all. Then we drove the long way home to stop and see Auntie Lo in her Boston digs and on to Lake Placid to see the progress on the amazing log house which Jon is building. And then full circle home again to our little log cabin.

MV Fall 08 Gallery

Now, it’s lunchtime…Herself has been to market and back and is off to spend the day at Obama headquarters where she will be every waking minute until the election….and, after some spinach pie, I will be at the easel where I hope to be every waking minute for the foreseeable future.

Stay frosty out there friends, we’re thinking of you,



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