Election Night THROW DOWN !

2 November 2008

T Minus 2 Days and Counting !!!

All right now !

IF, as many of you have been reporting, your households are as anxious about the next two days as we are in our log cabin (which is empty now most of the day as Herself notches up her campaign work and I bury my restless soul in the studio at the easel)…

and IF, as I know to be the case, we share the common value that one of our best diversions is a good meal !!!

Well then, I am declaring a THROW DOWN !!!

WHAT are YOU all planning to serve up on your coffee tables, in front of your flatscreens, and within reach of the internet connections… to get you through election night ?????

I want details and I want appropriate beverage couplings.

Share you menus, fears, dreams, desires and recipes by commenting below.

Hang in there  … hope is just around the corner my friends,

Stay frosty,



~ by hnartisan on November 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Election Night THROW DOWN !”

  1. I am planning to make a delicious vegetable soup with turkey meatballs tomorrow night. (I am cooking down a chicken carcass now). I will pick up some red wine. I think I will try to find the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve by Pascual Toso $11.99 at East York. (Argentina). I am a voting enthusiastically for Obama. I have lost several signs. People are driving through them and leaving nasty tire marks. I do live in a rural area. The hatred and meanness toward Obama is frightening.

  2. Hi Heather,

    After going to the polls and being as radical as I possibly can, I’ll start cooking a dinner. Not sure yet what it’ll be, going to market today. The beverage of choice will be a nice white wine. French. Loire Valley perhaps. To celebrate our possible reunion with an old comrade again?
    Then settle down to wait and see if a bright new light will shine on this land or batten down the hatches for the masses that will break down the palace gates.
    Oh! What trouble times we live in…

  3. So Heather,

    What’s on your menu tomorrow night?

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