13 November 2008

Perfectly beautiful dark and stormy-grey  morning.

Spent the last two hours catching up on email and want to pass along two gems.

First, a fellow artist, Jack Saylor,  wrote me for the first time yesterday to say he had been following the blog and had a question or two… which opened the door to his website and his paintings are wonderful… definitely worth a look…

…and then I discovered NPR All Songs Considered, thank you Shawn, and wallowed luxuriously in Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz section and her recent interview with Paul Winter. Took me back to my Cambridge days and then propelled me forward as she began to play her piano tribute to Rachel Carson. It took my breath away. Here’s a link to her page and you can scroll around and find a video of the concert performed with a full symphony as well as find and listen to past interviews including the PW one…

It moved me to head right over to and download Silent Spring…only to find out that I had apparently been so moved about this time last year… and that it was already in my library but had never been imported  to itunes. So I have that to look forward to as well as the podcasts of Piano Jazz which I am now subscribed to…oh how great is it to be alive in this century.

Before I leave this screen and head to the easel, here are a couple quick shots of the last two days’ worth of painting. Tightening up the rock pile. My favorite. Just love the full spectrum of color and the history of the planet therein. Rock Pile Day 2

Close Up Day 2

Now to clean up some of the eges, get those last three rocks done, and then glaze some light into the shadows.

And listen to the muses !



~ by hnartisan on November 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Loved Jack Saylor’s stuff and immediately sent him a note myself to say so and let him know he can visit y/our treasures anytime.
    Hope it is productive day for you. Love ya…P

  2. hi heather! glad you discovered all songs considered! I love listening to it while I knit and sew. so many great discoveries.

    the new painting is just beautiful! wish I could view it in person, but the blog is better than nothing!!

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