Old Trails

2 December 2008

A tip of the hat to Lin whose friend who verified that the gift of yesterday’s feathers came from a Yellow Shafted Flicker. We have a pair of flickers who live in the giant pin oak tree that grows between the studio and the log cabin. I’ll try to catch them at the feeders for a photo op … in the hopes that they are still with us that is.

This morning found Gully and I headed down the icy roads to our old walking trail along the railroad tracks. She and I spent the first decade of her life taking long walks in what was then a neglected series of fields and copses. Here is a look at an early painting from those tracks… Milkweed  (Clicking on the image will take you to the Painter’s Notes on my website.)


Last year they began building a monstrous new middle school on what we thought of as our own private pasture. In all the years we walked there I don’t remember seeing three other humans. Now, after months of destruction and earth moving, we returned to find a rolling landscape of mowed grasses, a playground and parking lot at one end, our swampy pathway paved over and most of the wetlands filled in.

I don’t know how this has impacted the wildlife in the area, since we didn’t see any I’m a bit worried.  But I have to say that the changes are not all together unwelcome for this older woman and her much older dog.

Today we had to stay off the paved paths as they were ice covered, and since the school children around here got monday off to go hunting…ugh…we were careful to both be covered in safety neon orange… but once we hit the earth it was sweet to walk without having to worry about ground hog holes … and swampy cold water seeping into our boots … and the small wandering creeks are still filled with that cool clear water that Gulliver loves to wade through… and with all the fields mowed we had much more room to run and roll.

I’ll keep my mind and my eyes open to what painting opportunities might be on this new horizon …and enjoy the gentler geriatric friendly tracks before us.

Go out and take your own selves for a walk today,



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