On the Eve

24 December 2008

Listening for the first time to the new Emmy Lou…All I intended to be…sweet soulful sounds …with the backdrop of a silvery ice storm outside the studio windows.

Icy rain glazing every limb, fence rail, bird feeder, pine needle and windchime.

Gulliver and I put on our ice trackers and harnessed up for the early morning commute. Helping each other to avoid the slick walkways and frozen puddles in the lane, we managed just fine. Outside chores are done and the pot of coffee is fired up so we have settled into the office to pay some bills and work on a special project for LRK…one of the latter will be great fun.

Pat reports that dear friend May just can’t figure out why her 95 year old self won’t die. When Pat arrived at her hospital bedside yesterday she found May well along her way…then Pat’s cell phone rang…and May opened her eyes and asked what was for lunch.

My hospice worker of a  partner has seen a lot of death and dying. Through yesterday’s  tears for her mentor-friend she was yanked back to the humor and laughter that weaves through the  compassion which is the core of her soul. 

And as I wrote that sentence…Emmy’s cover of Tracy Chapman’s “All that you have is your soul” began playing…that’s been happening a lot to me lately.

“…I hope to dream, I hope that I can sleep again

And wake in a world with a clear conscience and clean hands…”

It’ll be hard to think of waking up in a world without you May…but for now…for today…on the eve of the end of your journey here…keep dreaming.

Multum In Parvo

Multum In Parvo


~ by hnartisan on December 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “On the Eve”

  1. Although you did not come right out and say so, I am figuring May has passed to whatever world comes next.
    Pat’s presence no doubt made her journey a smooth and peaceful one.
    …more beautiful chimes to fill your creekside world with music.
    And snowflakes on your black screen that somehow draw me to this blog, making my own woodsy world feel a little smoother as well.


  2. Well Miss May is with us today and Miss Pat visited her and reported that she was sleeping peacefully at last in her own home…her son David is watching guard and there are many many who are loyal to their mentor May who are in the wings to help.
    But she is ready to go. Tells everyone who will listen. Fearful of what we are all afraid of….being less than our selves …but Pat is tuned in and speaking to the quality of life issues and smiling at the venerable soul who is her stalwart friend.
    We are listening to a PBS concert to top off our day so our log cabin is indeed full of music.
    I got to paint most of the day away and we are soon headed to a peaceful winter’s night’s sleep to renew our souls.
    May all our journeys here and beyond be peaceful… thanks to Pat indeed.
    We shall walk together soon my friend, H

  3. Hey Ladies,
    May all our journeys be smooth.

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