The Ice Storm Cometh

28 January 09

The view from my easel window…view-from-easel


It’s not a very impressive storm…but given the lack of snow this year…which is my fault for buying a brand new snow blower two winters ago…it is notable.

If I could include an audio file it would be the sound of one long giant CRUNCH… there is a thick layer of solid ice on top of this snow and Gully and I sound like we’re inside the auditory canals of someone eating grape nuts…without milk.

So what’s the view outside of your studio windows ?????



~ by hnartisan on January 28, 2009.

One Response to “The Ice Storm Cometh”

  1. Heavy ice bending the treetops; an aborvitae looped over in a horseshoe shape, which I keep hitting with the broom hoping to knock off some ice to save it from breaking; Deep Hollow Road, not nearly as well plowed as Conewago Creek Road; dogprints everywhere, as my big dogs break right through the ice coating except for Nina who tippee-toes on top in an effort not to fall on her butt; and an abundance of birdseed scattered on the ice for the birds who are having difficulty getting through to their feeder trays. Would much prefer ten feet of snow.

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