‘Neath the Dregs of Winter…

21 February 09

Deep in the dregs of winter…

when one wants to shred the entire office on this, the third day of tax preparation…


And when the winter herb garden looks so dry and drab and grey…


A whole load of happiness came a callin’…

Make that a barrel full…

14 puppies arrived this week at our new breeder’s home…



Now I have grown superstitious in my old age… and hope with all my heart for the good health and heartiness of both mother and pups in such a large litter… and we don’t yet know if our new pup will be one among these…but we have put Gulliver in charge of finding just the right pup to take over her job…and it sure looks like she’s working overtime !

We’ll keep you posted !


~ by hnartisan on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “‘Neath the Dregs of Winter…”

  1. I’m SO happy for you. Gully is still loving you and taking care of you! You said you not only missed her friendship and love but noticed you missed her giving you subtle signs of someone there and such. This is way more than that. An animals loves is so sincere and unselfish. They only want our happiness. I miss Gully here on earth.
    I love you guys sue

  2. Oh my, what a passel of pups. (litter too I’ll bet since I dont think mama dogs are quite the hygiene attendants mama cats are!) Our wee three rays of Burmese sunshine seem a puny bunch…but we aren’t fur greedy. Three is plenty of love in my bureau drawer. Do hope one of these ladies is yours.
    XO Peggy

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