So glad to be back…

4 March 2009

Van dyke brown and ultra violet magenta, tipped with Old Holland yellow reddish extra …outlining the mid-winter hardwoods against a field of king’s blue deep sky with brilliant sunshine flooding the air outside of my studio this morning…and after a week  long medical leave…I am overwhelmed by the sheer pleasures of returning to this space.

Here are just a few of the things I have missed…

The early morning  sunrise shadows that greet me at the door…


The everpresent piles of books, art magazine, and vineyard gazette back issues that create a nest of inspirational reference materials for me to dip into on my mealtime breaks…


Watching to make sure Zola gets on the morning school bus in time…


And when she has a snow day and goes sledding with Jed…


The mid-morning tea time ritual of the Uncle Donald Memorial 40 dunks of the tea leaves…


The always inspiring view out of my studio window…


The mysteries that attend a blank panel…


And, as I look back from the studio full of sunshine and light… on the log cabin next door where in my dark healing chamber of recovery lies empty and in it’s cycle of refreshing…


the thing I missed most was hearing the click of the doorknob each time my babe comes in to check on me …


Oh it is soooooo good to be back.



~ by hnartisan on March 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “So glad to be back…”

  1. And it is so good to have you back. We missed your face and “HI Zola” in the morning! So glad you’re feeling better.
    Love ya,
    Zola and Sue

  2. Oh so glad to hear the healing has come far enough to have you wandering between corners of your realm. The NC sanatorium is doing nicely too despite finding our river home totally unheated on monday with a frozen heating motor which kept us chattering till the next morning. OF course it is now 70 degrees and too hot to prune the grape arbor.

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