29 march 09

It doesn\’t get any better than this…

Finnegan Loretta Neill


After weeks of lonely studio days and anxious worry about who we might find when at last we got a chance to choose our new pup… today the wait was over and every single one of my worries vanished in a heartbeat…when Belinda brought out two of the most beautiful Berners puppies I’ve ever seen.

the last two sisters


They are from that litter of 14 puppies which were born February 17 and are now five weeks old. What I never expected was how hard it would be to choose if both of them were perfect…but this little girl was so much like Gully but with a reputation for confidence and being ornary and a strapper for her fair share of what her brand new life has to offer… we knew we had found Finn.

Now that our search has come to an end we have lots of work to do in the next three weeks before we bring her home. But, at least for tonight, Jon and Pat and I will settle in to a much happier sunday eve and I\’ll settle for these photos to remind me what it was like to feel her sweet kisses…

She\’s supposed to meet 100 new people in the first three months…so get ready for your studio visit !


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14 Responses to “Finnegan”

  1. Oh Heather and Pat…she’s perfect! And the smile on your face, Heather, warms my heart.

    I want to be the first of the 100 new faces Finnegan graces with her puppy breath.


  2. So cuuuuuuuuute!

  3. Do you have a date to bring the pup home yet? Because Rose & Daniel are often other people, sometimes during the course of a day they could each be 4 different just one pair of twins might serve for a dozen or so…

  4. Looks like a match to me! she’s beautiful. “my heart”, “my kiss”, “Pat’s first kiss” and “Finnegan Loretta Neill” photos are those that grabbed my heart enuf that i will only have to return to the album for the other embracing pics. i am so happy for all three of you. each of you is so lucky to be graced with each other. Laura

  5. We are thrilled to meet Finnegan…even in virtual reality!

    I have been sorting files this weekend and believe it or not have your letters from the days after Gabe left you…not Gully, Gabe, and the incredible amount of love these girls have shared with you just goes on and on. WONDEROUS!
    Our last kits were born the same weekend so we will always have a special celestial tie through our furry friends as well.

  6. She’s cute! A perfect addition to the studio and family. Can’t wait to play!

  7. she is beautiful!

  8. I’m so happy you will give this beautiful girl a good home. I can feel the mutual love.
    Love you both,

  9. Yo baby, what a little sweetheart. Thanks for the great news.
    love to all of you

  10. Oh my gosh, she is so adorable and you look totally in love. We’re really happy for you guys. Zola, Jed, and I can’t wait to meet Finnegan.
    Love ya all
    zola and sue

  11. It was not so long ago that Harri-ette chewed on my elastic sided boot and I KNEW she would be coming home to my place. I can see the same process occurring here. May Finn be all Gully and more – in the same way as Harri-ette is Harry Brat plus some.

  12. What more is there to say !?
    Lucky Finn, to be headed to the cabin on the creek 🙂

  13. After seeing these photos I have gone from tears of grief over Gully and Emma to tears of joy for you and Pat. WELCOME FINN!

  14. Heather and Pat,

    How adorable, I will bring Benni to meet her when I come for my visit. New life in the household this Spring, how perfect.


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