A visit from the past…

Last night our dear friend Rae Hearne arrived for an overnight on her way to her new home in Maine from her old home in North Carolina. Rae and I were neighbors twenty years ago in Muddy Creek Forks where she ran a magical B + B and I lived next door in the big old abandoned general store. There were a couple other folks scattered about but we pretty much had the entire town to ourselves and it was a blast. Rae befriended all and is a powerhouse of a woman who has a gift for bringing stray humans together for some remarkable communions. Buddhist monks, traveling Russian Circus troops, Scottish racounteurs, channelers, activists, symphonic musicians and local vineyarders alike… you could count on a glass of may wine and a good story on Rae’s porch.

We have both moved away from that town but not from those memories or from our friendship and it was a treat to sit down with her spirit again in person. Her friend Will is accompanying her on this trip and we’ve now made another friend with a gentle soul and wealth of interesting stories to share.

Ciele the guard dog got Finnegan up and running this morning before they all headed north. We’re looking forward to being their new B+B stop on what we hope will be regular treks between homes.

And now…the tired pup and the soul sated artist … will get back to work.


~ by hnartisan on June 10, 2009.

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