Some of you may remember way back in August of last year our neighbor Zola was desperately waiting…and waiting for her mail-order-tadpole to arrive. Here is a look back at that entry..

30 August

When you are 8, and your dream is to be a zookeeper, and you ordered a tadpole habitat over a month ago, and you had the neighbor come every day while you were away camping to check the mailbox so that your tadpole (which was supposed to come that week) would not bake in the mailbox…and when you came home…it had not arrived as promised…and every day for the next two weeks you skipped down the driveway to meet the maillady and came shuffling back witout the tadpole…and now you have just started back to school and have to wait until you get home on the afternoon bus to check and see if….if…IF your leopard frog tadpole has come yet !!!!!

Well I suppose then you  would be so frustrated that you too would be driven to put up a sign on your front porch …

No tadpole 1

Yesterday, the now 9 year old Zola came running over to the studio to announce that her brand new tadpoles had arrived. At first she named them Big and Little but I think that has been changed to  Corwin and Bug Guy…and here they are…

corwin and bug guy

And here is a very happy Zola… and all is right with the world !

tadpole is here

zola and tadpoles


~ by hnartisan on July 5, 2009.

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