The BEST Neighbors

The accounting department gave us the go ahead to make an equipment upgrade and install a roof vent on the trailer. One of the trickiest, and most nerve wracking parts of my job is the safe transportation of finished artwork. We are responsible for getting a years’ worth of paintings up to Massachussetts, over the bridge and onto the cape, over the ocean and onto the island, and into the gallery parking lot….in the middle of summer.

I have learned the hard way that nothing, absolutely NOTHING, must touch the surface of a painting especially in transit. The slightest jarring can cause abrasions and the heat that builds up inside of a truck or the trailer can be wicked. Packing day is usually as close as we come to divorce around here but if we take it nice and slowly and mother nature cooperates we do find great humor in the efforts we go to to keep the paintings safe.

I found a solar powered roof vent which claims to be weatherproof and our super neighbor Sue saw me up on the ladder and came right over to help. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to let her lab pup Jed come over and finally meet Finnegan up close and personal. They have been fence buddies since Finn’s arrival but she needed to bulk up before playing with the big boys. They were terrific and are best buds now…

Finnegan and Jed finally meet on the same side of the fence

Jed wants a better look

Then Zola came home from her fishing trip and the whole family got into the act …

all smiles

Sue installing the vent

Zola and Jed

As my Aunt Sallie says… “There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that two women cannot do before noon ” !

Many thanks to my pit crew…

Two weeks from today we’ll be on our way to the opening !


~ by hnartisan on July 12, 2009.

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