My first crock pot…

My friends Saren and Susan are responsible for this latest obsession. On our walk last week, when we were hiking around the woods with the dogs, we got around to one of our favorite subjects…food…and I forget how… but it was revealed that I did not own a crock pot. Not sure how I made it through this first half century without one  but, after another mile or so, they had convinced me that I NEEDED one.

After my usual compulsive internet researching and two horrific days of trudging through the land of Oz…aka…obscenely overstocked retail zoos…I collapsed in a shopping meltdown and ordered this one on line…

She arrived on the anniversary of my grandmother’s birthday which is a very good sign as she was a wonderful cook…so in her honor I have named her Phyllis.

And, since Pat nursed me through the melt down with such grace and good humor…I decided that the inaugural feast would be her favorite…pulled pork.

The goal is to be able to make suppers that I can throw together in the morning and let cook all day so that when I come home from the studio the cooking is done. And so that if I lose track of time and forget to stop painting…Pat can eat dinner before midnight. Phyllis passed all the tests.

An elegant look, clean simple design, easy to use, easy to clean, big enough for meals that can last for days, and…yes Susan and Saren, I thank you !

Bon appetite…


~ by hnartisan on November 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “My first crock pot…”

  1. very nice indeed

  2. Well, well, well….Isn’t this interesting, another food coincidence. Recently I decided to get out the once-used crock pot hoping to make supper time a little less hectic (sometimes I prepare two toddler meals, one vegtarian meal and something with meat) We got the crock pot as a wedding present from my mother and Janet and have only used it once when the kids were babies. I thought it would mke life easier. It has sat on the shelf since then, until I took it out on Saturday and cooked a roast pork. This is the second cooking coincidence we have had, the first one was last Christmas…mushroom soup….not sure what this means, but we are on the same wavelength this week. Let’s keep these pots off the shelf and share recipes if we cook soemthing fabulous – vegetarian or carniverous. Maureen

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