Thinking ahead…

The call came in at 3:30am from the hard working vet that Finn was out of surgery and doing well. I had caved in at midnight so it was early this morning that I got the message. Now my flu ravaged body may still be weary but my spirits are high. By this time next week all members of my little family should be off of antibiotics and we can say good riddance to displaysed¬† elbows and rattling pneumonic lungs and maybe even to … snow ???

I’ve got to pass along our thanks to all of you who have been checking in and offering help and that all important compassionate ear of support… you will never know how those words and gestures of kindness reach in and lift us up.

One person who has done some heavy lifting in that department is our friend Saren. She has talked me down off of many a ledge especially with dear Finnegan’s trials. I was checking in with her early this morning and felt like a corner has been turned. The sun is shining, there is a definite warming in the air, and when I took the time to look I found the first signs of spring in the studio yard…

Can I get a witness ???

Through the darkest days of this long hard winter I’ve been taking myself to one of the happiest and most anticipated events of my year…the Sheep and Wool Festival !

The warm sunny first weekend in May when the Howard County Fairgrounds fill up with color and fiber and everything sheep. The crowd is full of my kind of people…old back to nature hippies who dress in sensible clothes and parade their knitted and woven creations and scour through the straw strewn farm shed stall to replenish their supplies of yarn and fleece and needles and sheep dip, etc.

There are many happy memories there for us and I’m so excitedly looking forward to making that trip this year…we may go both days !

My spinning wheel waits behind the snow shovel…

And I’ve got one great big panel up on the easel that needs to be finished before then…

But by golly I can feel it getting closer…I am dreaming now of coming home with a nice bag of fleece in the truck and oiling up the old wheel and sitting on the warm sunny porch with Finnegan stealing bits of wool and running down the walkway with it flying up over her shoulders in triumph…


~ by hnartisan on March 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Thinking ahead…”

  1. well, its good to see you back

  2. I hope your “baby” is doing well!! Poor little girl! How long will she have to stay in the hospital? Give her lots of kisses for me when she comes home! Last Saturday I met a BIG BOY Bernese! He was so big and so sweet! I wanted to kidnap him. Dickens would not approve however! Mikey is back from Spain…came into NYC just as their big snowstorm hit.
    I’m off to Roni’s to paint “bears” for Cairo, N.Y. When they are finished they’ll be on my FB page. Hugs to you and Pat! Get well soon!

  3. The only thing I can say for February and March is that we are finally able to begin the countdown to April and May ~ and of course in your case, the spinning and knitting…… ~ and this year, to a pup able to run with the wind once again ~ so,
    here’s to healing and easy breathing and green shoots in the leaves and April and May, and exchanging help with heavy lifting!

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