On the bluff…

I meant to post some pics from our time on the bluff as soon as we got home. Well now it’s been over two weeks and I’ve got a tiny little breathing room so without further ado…

We saw more almost every sunrise, and every single sunset…spent the first two weeks knitting and reading and finishing a sweater while watching dancing with the stars with Ted…dinners with friends…many walks on the beach  and around the meadows with Finnegan…spent the last week holding new grandbaby Zoe and teaching her to play Pinochle and boccie and what it feels like to have dog whiskers on her face and watching the reflection of her melt-your-heart smile in her mama and papa’s eyes.

I don’t know about you other artists but my creative channel seems to never sleep. The goal was to relax and enjoy the vineyard’s healing solace and shut down the side of the brain that takes everything in as a painting reference. All in all…I sorta did.

And here’s the proof…


~ by hnartisan on November 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “On the bluff…”

  1. What great pictures…..I could feel the LOVE!!!! The colors are just magnificent.

  2. These pictures are just beautiful. Zoe has grown so much and you can see the love in everyone’s eyes and expressions. Finne with the butterfly is priceless! Thanks for sharing.

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