Blue skies…

are now breaking out over the studio …

earlier it looked like this…

This is all good. Last Friday was in the 70’s and, even though we started the day with a hospital visit for an infusion of Reclast, we stopped on the way home for a picnic and a walk in the park with Finn and enjoyed most of the day just being out in the warm sun.

The rest of the weekend was no picnic. The occasionally reported flu-like reactions to that drug turned out to be more like the Dengue Flu. A short controlled burst of the pneumonia I was plagued with this time last year… and then some.

But, hopefully, short is the keyword in that last sentence because I am marginally better each day and back in the studio this morning. The pretty snowfall that we awoke to has helped to send me back into the much needed winter of creative hibernation and the continuing muscle fatigue and soreness is forcing me not to shovel this one out.

The days of laying in a sick bed were not completely wasted as I signed back up with to challenge my brain to learn something new in Photoshop. Long story short, last week I learned that I had fallen prey to purchasing a bogus Cs5 upgrade a few months ago. It had started to crash and burn which led me to realize that my computer which had been having it’s own problems was actually 5 years old now. Ancient in the graphics world. And, with the unexpected sale of a painting here in the studio, I decided to bite the techno bullet and upgrade both hardware and software at the same time.

As an artist who pays homage to detail, I have spent as much time sharpening my computer skills lately as I have my pencils. Both are tools and only as good as the craftsman who uses them so I study and practice and learn. The tutorials are terrific because I can work at my own pace and dip back in for refreshers as needed. I have already learned about fifty things that will make a huge difference in my “workflow” and am eager to try them out with the new machine.

It’s all about getting the composition up on the panel as efficiently and quickly as possible…then I can settle in and let the muses take over.

Now, it’s time to put this bump in the road behind me and get back my mojo…

carpe diem !


~ by hnartisan on February 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Blue skies…”

  1. what computer did you get?

    • sorry for the delay Susanne, I was installing said computer and am typing on it now.
      I keep computers until they are dinosaurs and can’t afford to upgrade too often but it was time. I got a Dell Studio 9100 loaded to the gills with RAM and dual 1.5T hard drives. Dell had a deal and I chatted with a nice rep who configured it especially for Photoshop CS5. I got a wireless card installed which it turns out was great as now I can use my old computer as an extra hard drive. Gonna keep my itunes over there since it was getting pushy wanting to be the default for my photo files. It now has to play in a separate playpen.
      With my tutorial refreshers and the new lightening speed of this baby I should be able to work faster at this end and have more painting time…and launch the odd spaceship.

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